Wow! What a dogi!! Incoming … Big Candles!

Wow! What a dogi!! Incoming … Big Candles!

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

I first published this chart set up via screen shots posted to twitter. Feb 23rd, 2019 See @golftothecore on twitter. This setup was posted just after the last giant narrow dogi with long wicks above and below (red dogi). I added the “slam down zone” on March 8th. Again, check the twitter. This chart set up was a word to the FOMO crowd … Exercise due diligence and wait for the market to come to you. Make your own f**king coffee , skip Starbucks , and put lottery money in. Stop buying scratch offs and DCA BTC at the bottoms of long red candles … BTC fell right into my first purple zone. Incoming, Incoming! Giant candle!

This is the first time I am publishing to Tradingview.


Jeffrey Jay Moore