What do you see on 15MIN Chart: Is the break-out coming soon?

What do you see on 15MIN Chart: Is the break-out coming soon?

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Hi, Traders !

Monfex is here again! So, bright ideas and non-standard market view are granted !

This time we will take a look on 15Min chart in order to find out if the next impulse is close and in line with our expectations:

* The price continues to consolidate in 10,270 – 10,350 range indicating the Accumulation Phase that we were talking about in our yesterday’s Volumes Analysis.
* All attempts to break down the consolidation area do not pay off. You can see the tails of 15Min candles.
* It will take some time for this ranging fluctuations, which are also good for a scalping mode.

What do we do ?

* We simply hold our Longs and keep waiting for the next Big Move.
* If you are good at scalping, you can try your hand in a range trading.


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