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Hello traders and hodlers! Here we are for another Bitcoin analysis! There are some curious movements here! First, if you are new around here, I invite you to follow me to keep in touch with my analyses. Also, check my social media/website if you want a deeper content about my trading style – link below.

Ok, back to BTC , it is very curious, but it seems we have a symmetry on the chart. I think I never had the opportunity to talk about symmetries here, but now we have a good example in front of us! Let’s watch BTC closely and see if this symmetry is going to be fulfilled. Personally, I like symmetries because they are very easy to trade. You may set a stop loss that suits you risk management, but the target is very clear – the green line at $ 9,666.

Now, the daily chart:

There’s nothing interesting here, as BTC is still trading inside a consolidation. In this scenario, I prefer short trades using the hourly chart. The symmetry makes more sense to me right now.

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