BTC – NASDAQ comparison! FRACTAL detected! pointing at 40,000$ !

BTC – NASDAQ comparison! FRACTAL detected! pointing at 40,000$ !

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

As you can see there is a perfect fractal price-action match between BTC and NASDAQ.

The orange bars below the BTC graph is the NASDAQ price action on a weekly basis, taken from Apr’98 till today. It went through the “ bubble” in 2000 – just like Bitcoin had his hype rally in 2017 – then to a period of consolidation and coming back to the mean after which a new gigantic bull run has started.

Obviously now everything is happening and developing much faster. The crypto market is more dynamic and volatile. So the time and space vector is more compressed.

If history shall repeat, or rhyme, once again… we should see a short-period retracement coming in the next few weeks. Let’s say to 7500 $. After which we will experience a massive bull-run that will establish a new ATH before the and of this year (2020).

The rally will continue and in late 2021 we will have another crypto-euphoria peak. Fractal pointing at 40,000 $ level!

This will be a rally of about 530%. Don’t miss it!

GL & HF 😉