BTC – BULLS vs BEAR show-down

BTC – BULLS vs BEAR show-down

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

I would like to share my long term analysis with you.

I don’t usually do the long term analysis for one simple reason. I do not like to analyse in a long-term perspective. Sure, in case we are not talking about investment or exceptional situations..
Nobody knows what exactly can happen in a week, month..
There are many factors which can affect the market situation. These factors can come out of nowhere and bury all the analyses..
There could be some people behind the stock exchanges or government who has the power to influence price development, wipe out your SL and so on..

The market is constantly changing in time and we have to change with its and just recognize the trade opportunity. If you can see this opportunity then it’s time to delve a bit deeper into the chart.
But if you do not see this opportunity then it’s time to quickly move on to a different chart or wait when the trade genesis come to you and you get your trade setup.
It is not even a true sense and purpose of TA. But what really matters is your trade methodology.
The best trades what I have ever done were trades according to relevant conditions at that time. In short, you have to catch the right momentum.
Keep in mind that successful trading requires a methodology and the discipline to follow this methodology.

Have a good day.