BITCOIN what will happen in August?

BITCOIN what will happen in August?

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Hi all.

We can see that Bitcoin entered a high volatility zone. In here there are not many supports and resistance levels like around 10k level.
Here things moves fast.

And we traders loves that. This is what we were missing. Fast, bold king, Bitcoin .

Many traders are in fear now, because of the sudden Bitcoin move. Again “3k people” woke up. That is fine.

About CME gap. We could see how BTC closed all the gaps pretty soon lately. So maybe this time won’t make an exception.
First I expect a re-test of rejection point, and I doubt that Bitcoin gonna fly through it. I think 2nd rejection would be even worst that this one, which could push the price down to 9600 level
which will close this gap too, and after that, sudden move to the “volatility zone” again.

After re-testing some levels in mentioned zone, price could skyrocket up to the last years high (marked on a chart)

It is interesting also to observe parallel support line (blue line), and future price could follow that trendlines too.

Have a nice weekend!