Bitcoin price Low Trading activity

Bitcoin price Low Trading activity

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

Last week’s brief recovery on the global cryptocurrency included Bitcoin reaching $3,710 and increasing its market share to USD64.9 billion from USD63.7 billion.

However, the BTC starts trading lower by 0.35 percent since falling to $3,627. Currently, the BTC is priced at $3,571.

This week there is an expected cross moving break out on EMA20 and EMA200 at 3,635 above price level considering a bullish trend during the day and a cross moving average on EMA50 and EMA200 at $3,612 signifying a bull pressure and pullback after six candle and a low trading activity on spot price green candle is showing a bull trend.

Potential price rebound is foreseen.