Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

Hello guys, today we will discussing about BTC after the last strong dump. And what happen with market right now ?
As we seen, the psychology at this time is scaring and FOMO for selling. Clearly that we are in small Bearish Flag but we are in good support so let wait for several hours if the buyer can make us going up in short term.

The last time in 42xx$ we have been rejected by resistance line after several time sideway in here. And we have broken WMA49 and WMA 105 for falling down and occur Bearish Flag for dumping until now without knowing about the end.

The zone 3875 – 3939$ in Bitfinex we can see as a break out zone and may we need retest this one after keep dumping.

We are in downtrend parallel channel and if current support can not hold us so we may see 3429 – 3493$ for the next support as fibonacci 0.786.

RSI and DMI both show us may having small bounce up so waiting action of market. A volume is low so hard for clearly signal right now.

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