Anything to keep you invested

Anything to keep you invested


“Alt season”
“Rich person just bought his first bitcoin”
“The bulls will be coming back in 2019”
“Mass adoption just around the corner”

I wish the dream were true, but we have no bull action here as we approach the already-rejected-once 200-weekly EMA . This as the stock market finishes a major move upward — without a retest, and as Bitcoin struggles to stay up without retesting its own pop.

In fact, logically argue why *Bitcoin* instead of something the regulators have more of a grasp over, like an oil-backed digital currency? Did you forget who ran the world?

So no, I do not think “they” need cryptos to take off any more than the alts already have this past week. The block and chain technology is what matters. Besides, many coins exploded upwards too quick for most active traders to jump in, and I have far more interesting things to do with my life than wait for this “global mass adoption” in a ponzi-scheme filled, unregulated market.

If you are still bullish , I’d like to know your thoughts.