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Here is the modern history of Bitcoin . I find 7 Phases of the bitcoin from the top of 2013.

1. Descending Triangle Phase
Price in form of triangle, in 2013 this pattern last for about 398 days.
In the 2018, we can see similar triangle shape and price last here for about same period in 341 days. Next phase

2. Ascending Triangle Phase
After breakdown of the phase 1, market in 2014 moved down and in start of 2015 formed Ascending triangle shape within 186 days. Now look at 2018/2019 zone of Ascending triangle , similar shape, similar period of 155 days. Next price moved upside to next phase.

3. Flat Zone Phase
After moving upside price stuck in Flat zone for the 149 days in end 2015 and beginning of 2016. In middle of 2019 price stucked in similar Flat zone for about 162 days. Then we moving to next phase

4. Inverse Triangle Rise Phase
In this zone we see about 105 days of rise in between middle of 2016. Here is highly debatable, but looks similar in end of 2019, you can see similar rise within 107 days. What happened next is phase of sudden crash.

5. Sudden Crash Phase
So you see the 4th phase with 107 days rise, then within just few days price suddenly crashes in end of summer 2016. Same Sudden Crash happened in fears of COVID-19 in March 2020, right after Inverse Triangle Phase (4). Now move to phase 6.

6. Lack of Certainty Top
In the end of 2016 we see the small volatility movement below resistance line and before this Top zone, we see steady rise for 153 days, before the market breakout from resistance line. In the 2020 we see steady rise after Sudden Crash (5) for about 156 days. Now price approaching resistance line without big volatility . Here is the prediction starts, in 2017 after breakout we faced 7th phase.

7. Parabolic Rush Phase
So after the breaking out from resistance line in early 2017, Bitcoin price started to grow, and after crossing previous highs market flooded with new traders and fresh money, which caused insane growth of the price for abut 357 days. Will this phase repeats after we cross 20k again? This is topic for discuss 🙂

👉 What price do you think we will face during 2020 and 2021

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